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About Me

Jessica Lassiter, LCSW, CGP

"Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without, and know we cannot live within"
- James Baldwin

Welcome! I'm Jessica Lassiter a licensed clinical social worker and owner of Conscious Body Therapy. I've earned a Masters of Social Work from Louisiana State University, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Infant Family Mental Health and Marriage and Family Therapy. My mission is to guide others into achieving self-awareness and break unhealthy relational patterns to make conscious decisions and form purposeful relationships. 

Conscious Body Therapy was manifested from my own previous experiences with unhealthy relational patterns. Challenging my ego by exposing my shadow self has been a complete  liberation. One of the most important relationships we have in life is with ourselves and if we are not honest with ourselves, it can be challenging connecting with others. My mission is to assist others who are hurting and tired of perpetuating patterns and decisions that render painful and unhealthy outcomes. The mind is the most powerful tool we freely have access to, and if we can change the mind, we can change our lives. 

Making conscious decisions and forming purposeful relationships

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