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Co-Commitment Therapy

A therapeutic service tailored to assist couples and partners decode relationship challenges.

  • 1 hour
  • 190 US dollars
  • Virtual/Telehealth

Service Description

Our Co-commitment Therapy is an alternative to traditional couples, partnership, and marital counseling. Co-commitment does not just focus on romantic unions, but all dyadic relationships such as romantic, business, parent-child, etc. Co-commitment is the idea that a dual relationship can be healthy and fulfilling when each person is coming together as a whole individual deciding to commit with another whole individual. Being whole simply means you acknowledge your own emotional baggage and experiences and how they can interfere with your decision making abilities, communication, and real intentions. True healing always begins with self, healing a union often requires self-awareness, accountability, and understanding for each individual. Breaking through emotional walls, traumas, and unhealthy patterns that are no longer serving you will help create a safe space for healing and repair to take place.

Contact Details

St. Petersburg, FL USA

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