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A Conscious Body Therapy Experience Awaits You

Conscious Body Therapy is a holistic alternative to life’s common curveballs that sometimes has a way of creating unsettling disturbances we may find difficult to shake. Through plant-based body products and holistic healing services, we aid and encourage others along their journey of healing and redefining who they are.

Becoming more conscious is a lifestyle, a practice of being aware of who and what we allow in, on, and around us. Everything has energy and is transferred from one matter to another; this includes food, products, spaces, people, and much more. The earth is enriched with natural healing properties in trees, plants, herbs, clays, stones and more.

Most importantly, you already possess everything you need for your life's purpose, but may just be out of alignment. When we are in alignment with practicing a conscious lifestyle, we begin to understand life's balance, form healthy and purposeful relationships with others and ourselves.



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The Deeper Roots Collective: Crystal Sound Bath, Meditation, Poetic Flow
The Deeper Roots Collective: Crystal Sound Bath, Meditation, Poetic Flow
The Deeper Roots Collective is a safe space to explore, release, and heal from wounded experiences that unconsciously show up in our life. This group helps guide you to uncover what's deeply rooted and how to shift and use that energy to your benefit.
Jun 26, 2022, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT
1500 34th St N suite 400,
1500 34th St N suite 400, St. Petersburg, FL 33713, USA
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